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A unique and complete agenda for your wellbeing

The Health Planner by Pomango is an effective and dynamic tool to assist you in a process of lifestyle changes. This agenda includes tips, to-do lists, meal planners, and follow-ups to your goals. Plus, it is undated, allowing you to use it at your own pace.

This agenda is not designed solely for physical activity and training, it encompasses the whole well-being:

  • Physics (nutrition, hydration, sleep, rest time, sport)
  • Emotional (mood, emotional management, stress and anxiety)
  • Social (relationships, communication tools, social media)
  • Spiritual (relaxing activities, nature)
  • Individual (take time for yourself, activities, hobbies)
  • Financial (savings, bill payments, budget)
  • Environmental (living space, security, zen space)
  • Work (workload, work environment, skills)

A product that will allow you to find a sustainable balance of life while following your pace and your goals. The Health Planner also offers quarterly and annual reviews, allowing you to make an assessment of your results, successes and areas for improvement in order to draw rewarding lessons for the future.

Included :

  • Goal tracking
  • Meal Planner
  • To-do list
  • Tips and advice

Characteristics :

  • Ideas and graphic design: Mylène Purcell
  • 100% made in Quebec
  • Dimensions: L: 9 x W: 6.5 inches
  • Number of pages: 250
  • Undated, 12 months, 60 weeks

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